Friday, January 27, 2012

J. Crew Collection Spring 2012

(source :: Jcrew)

I'll forever be a J. Crew fan as long as Jenna Lyon is at the helm. Highlighter colors make me so happy. That green pencil skirt is the bees knees... don't ya think?

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Giorgia Tordini

(source ::  Le Fashion and Stockholm Streetstyle)

Too cool for school.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Throw Pillows Mo' Pillows

Let's have a conversation about prints/patterns shall we?! Point blank... I need them. The more the merrier...What I'm really into is a mixture of different ethnic inspired pieces all thrown together borderline in a hot jumbled mess lol. Enough throw pillows to make you flop on the couch and never get up. I saw these images from Because I'm Addicted (who isn't addicted) and was like, woa... hold the phone... you gots-ta- gimme dat. So slowly but surely, I began my hunt. 

Accompanied with brilliantly colored prints, I need more brass pieces. Moroccan, Syrian, Turkish, Tibetan... all so lovely and intricately detailed. But that calls for another post, I've seen a few vintage lamps and chandeliers here and there... I'm just patiently waiting for their prices to creep down a bit more.

(source :: lonngren/widell)

So like I was saying earlier... prints and patterns galore. This is a first in my (hopefully many) posts about playful printed textiles and where I can get my hands on them. As much as I would love to travel to Morocco, India, Egypt and especially Turkey it is not quite possible at the moment.

Enter: the internet lol, a useful yet sometimes annoying invention gives us access to new and exciting trades. Duh, you know this thing works. Anywho, I stumbled upon this Etsy shop: Mother's Atelier and immediately fell head over heals for these pillows as it reminded me of the inspirational photos from Lonngren/Widell.

(source :: mother's atelier)

I know... I know...let it all sink in. I love it too. The pillows hail from Istanbul, Turkey and prices range from about $40 - $230. So it's got something for everyone.

Want more? Ya you do... peep it out here.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

DIY :: I Heart Origami

(source :: bloomize via

I won't lie... lmao... im pretty pleased with the title of this post lol.

I saw this post on Apartment Therapy and thought it was the cutest idea. Especially because I started off the year by reading, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (which by the way it's awesome so far)... and no I haven't seen the movie yet... I have to finish the book first lol. But I digress...once again. I made one this morning using bright green construction paper and it was pretty easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Thinking about making an army of hearts from great graphics/prints from an assortment of my favorite magazines! Ya know... mix it up a bit.

And who knows, perhaps I'll make a few for my boyfriend for that corny holiday (that I secretly love)... Valentine's day.

Instructions belowwwww ::

Have fun freaks! >:)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Green with Envy

(source :: Natty Clay, Coastal Theory, Desire to Inspire,

Mean Green. Wasn't that a movie... o scratch that. I think it was the Big Green?! Don't you remember, the teenagers who started a badass soccer team. Classic 90's movie! You gotta peep it.

How great do these green spaces look. When I say green, I don't mean eco-friendly (although I wish it was, maybe it is...idk). Anywhoooo, I digress. I'm having an affair with green, sorry teal (that's my favorite color dont-cha-know)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Design Collaborative by Mr. West

(source :: Kanye's Twitter)

So it looks like a design coalition is being formed as we speak and frankly I find it pretty interesting. Operating in a studio with minimal boundaries or restraints to promote and advance the world in which we live. That's kind of my ideal design world ya know, but at the same time it's a pretty slippery slope. Multi-disciplinary design.... I'm into it. Anyways, say what you want about the guy, he's a pretty creative artist.

Interested... click here.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Spaces + Faces

(source ::  whoops)

Ok... so another fail on my part. forgot to source these images. I know a few are from the ever popular Desire to Inspire but I can't remember which ones and how many. You know the drill, love the spaces love her jacket, shorts and overall everything lol.

Anyways! Yay! Its 2012! and time for a much needed change in my book. Time to get organized; not just with my things (or sourcing ability) but with my time and mental state as well. So I've enlisted the help of two much needed books:

1.  Journal
2.  Agenda Book

Now you may be thinking... ok? You're a 23 year old woman who just realized the importance of an agenda book? The answer is quite simply... yes. I'm extremely forgetful and that mind frame has taken over some very important aspects in my life. Journal is pretty self explanatory. Just a form of clearing my head at the end of the day. So like I said before, it's time for a change and why not now, right? No time like the present. 

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