Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Throw Pillows Mo' Pillows

Let's have a conversation about prints/patterns shall we?! Point blank... I need them. The more the merrier...What I'm really into is a mixture of different ethnic inspired pieces all thrown together borderline in a hot jumbled mess lol. Enough throw pillows to make you flop on the couch and never get up. I saw these images from Because I'm Addicted (who isn't addicted) and was like, woa... hold the phone... you gots-ta- gimme dat. So slowly but surely, I began my hunt. 

Accompanied with brilliantly colored prints, I need more brass pieces. Moroccan, Syrian, Turkish, Tibetan... all so lovely and intricately detailed. But that calls for another post, I've seen a few vintage lamps and chandeliers here and there... I'm just patiently waiting for their prices to creep down a bit more.

(source :: lonngren/widell)

So like I was saying earlier... prints and patterns galore. This is a first in my (hopefully many) posts about playful printed textiles and where I can get my hands on them. As much as I would love to travel to Morocco, India, Egypt and especially Turkey it is not quite possible at the moment.

Enter: the internet lol, a useful yet sometimes annoying invention gives us access to new and exciting trades. Duh, you know this thing works. Anywho, I stumbled upon this Etsy shop: Mother's Atelier and immediately fell head over heals for these pillows as it reminded me of the inspirational photos from Lonngren/Widell.

(source :: mother's atelier)

I know... I know...let it all sink in. I love it too. The pillows hail from Istanbul, Turkey and prices range from about $40 - $230. So it's got something for everyone.

Want more? Ya you do... peep it out here.

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I love those pillows!

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wow love this place! looks so beautiful!

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i LOVE throw pillows! people always make fun of me because it reminds them of along came polly but i think they are great!!