Friday, February 3, 2012

Miroslava Duma pt. deux

WARNING :: Long post ahead lol. And no I didn't plan this excessive posting of Ms. Duma. I stumbled upon these photos and had to post them. Looks like Miroslava and Tommy Ton teamed up in Dubai for the ultimate mash-up. It seems like they teamed up for a Spring + Summer advertising campaign for the boutique, Symphony. I think it's pretty clear what colors I fancy (yes, I said fancy and no, I'm not British). Bright, bright, bright highlighter hues I don't think will ever get old. Peep this below:

(source :: Buro24/7)

Feels like summer, no?

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GIAA said...

how wonderful!

Punctuation Mark said...

amazing... looks like they had so much fun! Happy Weekend!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

I LOVE this post! The colors are so springy and eyecatching.


B.Weber said...

Oh my god. these are amazing. I LOVE the yellow dress! Thanks for the sweet comment!!


Modas_diva said...

Great pics! I lovee that yellow dress, it's amazing!!

 Ms. Allee said...

Love her!*
The neon dress is to die for!*


the style crusader said...

These shots are so gorgeous! A little obsessed with that yellow dress! Yeeesh, that would be incredible to wear! xx

Jelisaveta Đukanović said...

She is so beautiful! :)