Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Electric... (Insert Song Here)

(source: ???)

 These are images I collected previous to NY Fashion Week 2012. Peep the bold prints and densely saturated hues. Makes you want to smile, right?! Unfortunately, I did not record where I picked up these images because I didn't think I would need to since my blog had been out of commission for a few years lol. Don't worry, I'll do better next time.

edit: source of top photo:: Refinery 29 via Because I'm Addicted


t said...

Nice looks!

Anonymous said...

wow, adore all of these colors!

XO Sahra

Morgane-Amandine said...

love the first look and her shoes are amazing.

Slimbykings said...

i like the colour block on the first picture