Monday, December 29, 2008

Stylin' and Profilin': Zach

Special Blog!

Since Zach (my boyfriend) is always making fun of my facial expressions and stances in my pictures, we decided to switch places. He was going to model his outfit. I must say, he was pretty stylin' lol. He modeled and I took the photos.

Note: He is totally mocking my pictures....fool.

Ladies and Gentlemen without further ado... let me introduce my boyfriend... stylin and profilin... Zachary!

He's a jokster... beware lol

He's a fool... lol

(Tee, Hanes. Cardigan, JCrew. Jeans, JCrew. Suspenders, UrbanOutfitters. Sandals, ONeill.)

Feel Free to comment on his outfit on the 'Booties' Blog Entry below.