Thursday, May 29, 2008


(Vest, vintage. Organic Tank, H&M. Tights, F21. Black Wedges, One Thousand Little Steps. Yellow sandals, Urban Thread. Metal necklace, Urbanoutfitters. Faux Pearls, vintage.)

The afternoon was longer than I had expected so I decided a few days ago, 5.24.2008 (to be quite exact) I will start my fashion blog. I see so many doing it on some of my favorites. Summer could not have come at a better time, though I always find it harder to try to be stylish in the stifling Florida heat. All you ever want to do is just throw on a tank and shorts and call it a day. But this summer, I will turn a new leaf...

The vest has an amazing criss-cross detail on the back! I had never seen anything like it, brings out a 70's vibe.

You probably notice that I have two kinds of shoes on (ignore the feet haha), I just couldn't decide. Yet in the end, I went with a bright pop of color... What do you think?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5.29.2008 Summer Inspiration pt.1

Okay... so I admit, this is my first blog. Be kind. But here are some of my most favorite summer inspirations. Some days, when I'm struggling to slide out of bed and I feel the overwhelming urge to throw on a 'slumming it' outfit, I think back to all the fashion mavens of our past/present and let the creativity flow...